What's for lunch?

Who says cereal has to be eaten at breakfast?  My kids love having breakfast food for lunch or dinner! I sometimes pack cereal and milk, waffles with syrup, or yogurt with fruit and granola to have a lunchtime.  They also love homemade Egg McMuffins:  veggie sausage patties, cheese and egg on an English muffin.  The only "breakfast-y" food I've never attempted to pack for lunch is oatmeal.  My packed lunches are mostly cold, so if they want oatmeal, they have to eat it for breakfast.  Or dinner :)

Here are some other lunches I packed:

Mini cream cheese sandwiches on whole wheat, cucumber slices, strawberries, goldfish crackers

Pasta with spinach and mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, kettle corn

Pita wedges, cherry tomatoes, red pepper florets, celery sticks with hummus dip

Cheese and crackers, fruit salad, mixed nuts

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