31 Days of Pink: Week 3

Once again, I'm accompanying my pink clothing from last week with a memory of someone I know who has been affected by breast cancer -- because instead of blathering on about the pink stuff I wore last week, I'd rather talk (and you'd probably rather read) about the people I wear pink for.

Tita Naids was my dad's first cousin.  I suppose her first name must have been Zenaida, but she was always Tita Naids (Tita is the Filipino word for Auntie) to me.  She lived in Roxas City, my dad's home town, and every summer for about 6 or 7 years running, we stayed at her home.  The two things I remember about her were her 60's pouf hairdo and her awesome caramel cakes.  I didn't even realize that she had suffered from breast cancer until my dad started going down the list of all our relatives who had had breast cancer.  It was such a shock to realize just how prevalent the cancer gene was on my dad's side.

Tita Naids, this week's pink is for you.

Check out my pink outfits on my 31 Days of Pink Photo Album on Picasa, and check out my Pink Post series on Bonggamom Finds, featuring some great products that benefit breast cancer research. Oh, and remember to get your mammograms!

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