What's for lunch this week?

I know what you're thinking: your kids will actually eat a green salad for lunch?  Well, yes they will, actually, but the truth is that this wasn't their lunch, it was Alfie's.  A couple of weeks ago the kids had a day off from school for Yom Kippur, but Alfie didn't get the day off so I packed him a lunch.  And I packed him a sandwich to go with the salad because it's not much food, and he's be starving by 3PM otherwise.  By the way, that sludgy-looking goo beside the clementine orange is a lot yummier than it looks -- it's leftover pear crumble.

Here are 4 more lunches for the week.  Hopefully they'll inspire you to keep making and taking your own lunches as well!

Turkey, avocado and tomato wrap, dried seaweed snack, gelatin fruit cup

Chicken and cheese quesadillas, green salad, cantaloupe

Prezels, hummus, cherry tomatoes, red pepper strips, cantaloupe and blueberries

Waffle with cream cheese and grape jelly, Laughing Cow cheese wedge, gelatin fruit cup

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Asianmommy said...

Mmm...love those compartment containers. You make good use of them.