What's for lunch?

Ham and cheese sandwich, cucumber slices, grapes

I'm guessing you've figured out by now that the lunches I've been featuring for the week are not the lunches that I actually packed that week.  Other people might be organized enough to have all their kids' lunches for the entire week prepacked by Sunday night, but not me.  We started school in mid-August, and I began this series in September, so I'm actually featuring the lunches I packed 2 weeks ago.  So if you see Halloween-themed lunch photos posted in November, don't be surprised!

Another thing I'm guessing you've figured out is that I bought a BIG bunch of grapes a couple of weeks ago, because four out of five lunches on this post have grapes in them!

 Ants on a log (celery, peanut butter and cranberries), grapes, chocolate chip cookies

 Waffles with strawberries, dried seaweed, vanilla cupcake

Cream cheese and grape jelly sandwich, banana chips, grapes

Crackers, brie, tropical fruit salad

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Anonymous said...

Can you be my mom?

Gina von said...

These lunches all look great- I wish I lived closer so I could beg you to make me one!