31 Days of Pink: Week 1

New parents love recording their child's development through photos.  They photograph every single milestone, and everything in between -- but by the time they have their third child, the photos have dried up to just the obligatory newborn, first birthday and first day of school photos.  So it is with my third year of wearing something pink every day in October.  With everything else going on, wearing and photographing something pink has been shelved to the farthest corners of my mind.  I had to resort to wearing pink pajamas on October 1 and 2 because I forgot all about my resolve until late at night!

In fact, if it weren't for The Pea, I wouldn't have had anything pink to show for this week at all. Fortunately she has become obsessed with nail art, so last week she announced she would be giving me a pink manicures all month long.  And the kids have been enjoying our new LoopDeDoo twist bracelet maker, so I now have a couple of pink bracelets and anklets that I'll be wearing all month long.  So even if I forget to wear pink that day, I'm covered!

Check out my pink outfits on my 31 Days of Pink Photo Album on Picasa, and check out my Pink Post series on Bonggamom Finds, featuring some great products that benefit breast cancer research. Oh, and remember to get your mammograms!

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