Halloween Costumewatch 2012: Evil Jester (part 1)

Now that 3Po and Jammy have passed the superhero/ Star Wars stage, all they want to be for Halloween is something scary and gruesome.  Skeleton.  Grim Reaper.  Zombie Rock Star.  Swamp Creature.  And this year, Evil Jester.  Who would even think up of such a costume? But as soon as they saw it, they wanted it.

I suppose there's a small shred of the cuteness factor in the fact that 3Po and Jammy for once decided they wanted identical costumes -- the only difference is that 3Po's is green and black, while Jammy's is red and black.  They haven't worn identical or matching costumes since they were Power Rangers in preschool!  They never wear identical or matching clothing anymore, and I kind of miss that "twin thing", so if matching Evil Jester costumes is what it takes to get them to dress like twins, I'll take it.

You'll notice that I'm only featuring the green and black Jester in these photos.  Unfortunately (and most frustratingly for a blogger who loves to photograph her kids!), Jammy refused to have his photo taken when we tried on the costumes.  I'm unsuccessful in catching him in costume before Halloween, you'll just have to imaging a second Evil Jester, literally identical to this one in every way, whether the skeleton mask is on or off!

Oh well, since Halloween is supposed to be all about scaring away the spirits, I guess scary costumes make more sense than cutesy ones.

Frankly, I prefer THIS look a whole lot more.

By the way, I have to give myself mad props for making their skull sceptres.  They cost $19 each at the store, and No Way Jose was I going to pay for that, so I bought 2 foam skulls for $1.50 each, square of red, green and black felt for 20 cents each, and scrounged up a couple of old wooden dowel rods in the garage.  I made a jester hat and collar out of felt, covered the dowel in black duct tape, stuck the skull head on the dowel, and voila, a skull sceptre for about $3!  Of course, if I charged myself for the number of hours I spent making the small jester hat, it would have cost more than the store-bought sceptre, but I had fun doing it and it gave me an excuse to avoid doing laundry for 3 more days.

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Asianmommy said...

Good for you! I paid way too much for a silly witch's broom.