The Twenty-Four Days of Christmas

We leave for Manila in just 9 days, so I'm trying to compress a lot of our usual Christmas preparations in a short period of time -- shopping for Christmas presents, writing out Christmas cards, baking Christmas cookies, and so on. The nice part is, I get all of it over and done with early, so I can enjoy our vacation to the fullest.

But when I look at the list of things to do in Manila, it certainly doesn't look like it's going to be the kind of vacation where we just lie around and do nothing. So far, we have the following events scheduled within a 24-day timeframe:

Dress fitting for my brother's wedding (for me and The Pea)
Shopping for formalwear (for Alfie and the boys)
2-day trip to Tagaytay
3-day trip to Subic Bay
3-day trip to Punta Fuego beach
Food tour of Binondo (Manila's Chinatown)
Tour of San Agustin Church
Bridal shower
Bachelor party
Wedding rehearsal dinner
Birthday party for my grandmother
Birthday party for 3Po and CleanBoy
Birthday party for my niece
Christmas Eve dinner
Christmas Day lunch

And that isn't counting date nights with Alfie (since we'll have unlimited babysitting while we're there), shopping sprees, invitations to lunch, playdates for the kids, etc.. etc...

And here I thought that vacations were supposed to relax you.


ShannanB said...

I couldn't even imagine having to travel this time of year. I am the slowest shopper on the planet.

Your schedule looks so full, but I'm sure you'll get it done!

Lynn said...

So you're going to Manila. Your kids' first time here? Anyway, about your question on where to go when in Subic, I guess your kids will enjoy El Kabayo where they can do some good horseback riding. Also Zoobic Zafari and Ocean's Adventure.

Enjoy your stay in the Philippines! :)

Strollers said...

Wow you are going to need a vacation to recover from your vacation! Sounds great though...enjoy!