All About Filipino Food

I've been tagged for a meme by Just Jen! Here are the rules:

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* Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
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I've done similar memes in the past, so today I'm doing one with a theme: Filipino foods. Here, then, are My 7 Things:

1) My absolute favorite fruit in the whole wide world is golden Philippine mangoes. The perfect mango can be hard to find, even in Manila but more so in the US, because there are so many under-ripe, sour mangoes out there, but a sweet, succulent mango is just perfect.

2) I once spent almost an entire summer eating nothing but mangoes, cantaloupe melon, water and breadsticks. I know, I know, I was insane...... but I was a teenager determined to slim down so I could look good onstage and so my dance partners wouldn't find it so hard to lift me.

3) I cannot stand coconut, buko juice, sapin-sapin, or anything with coconut in it (except macaroons). A bit unusual for someone who comes from a country who is the second largest exporter of coconut products in the world, but I am what I am.

4) I love lechon (whole suckling roast pig), but I can't stand the accompanying liver sauce.

5) I love halo-halo (a dessert made with sweetened fruits, shaved ice, milk and sometimes ice cream) but I never eat it with milk. I always get strange looks from waitresses when I order halo-halo without milk

6) When I made chicken adobo, I fry the chicken first, then simmer it the traditional adobo sauce (soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaves and peppercorns), whereas my mother does the opposite (simmers first, then fries it). Her adobo tastes better than mine but I'm too stubborn to change.

7) While at college, I developed a taste for pancakes with maple syrup and grated cheese on top. It was a snack served regularly at the dive-y eateries scattered around campus. I had forgotten all about this but was reminded of it last week when I watched Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods . One of the "bizarre foods" he featured from the Philippines was cheese-flavored ice cream. Filipinos call this flavor queso (Spanish for ice-cream) and believe me, it's not weird at all. My palate is pretty conservative and I love queso ice-cream.

Now my tummy is rumbling, and I am tagging:

Teacher Julie
Fridays Child

... you can do the regular "7 Things About Me" or play along with your favorite foods or favorite FIlipino foods. Also, if anyone who I haven't tagged would like to do it, consider yourself tagged and leave me a comment so that I can read you answers.


Anonymous said...

Done! thanks for the tag! :)

yeah, I don't like the liver sauce much, too ... I guess I'm just not used to eating lechon with a sauce; back in the province, we don't put sauce on our lechon! :)

enjoy the day!


Thanks for tagging me. I would love to do it but unfortunately I can't stay long on the computer I am using right now coz this is for office use. All I can do now is visit some friends.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi! Sorry haven't visited in a while. I've been a little busy.

I like the new theme of your blog.

I had dinner just a few hours ago but I feel a little hungry after reading your post. I love lechon too and halo-halo. My favorite Filipino food is Kare-Kare.

Lynn said...

Hello there! I'll be doing this tag. Like you, ripe mangoes make my day. My fave drink is also ripe mango shake. I'm not a coconut person but well, it's healthy so I try to drink when there's coconut juice in the house.

There's this famous lechon Cebu which needs no sauce. It's delicious as it is. :)

**"Liza"** said...

oyy thanks for the tag ill do it today. :) ill ley you know kung natapos ko na ha..thanks uli! :)

Anonymous said...

I will be lining up this tag, if its ok with you. I have been a little busy doing time-stamped posts that I have posts till the 28th of this month. I may have this on the 29th. Talk about scheduling, even with posts, I do that.

Mangoes? I love mangoes too. Coming from Zambales, it is but natural to do just that. I love coconut juice, but not dessicated coconut. Cheese ice cream? My daughter and I just shared a quart last weekend! Crisp lechon skin is a no-no but I can still eat the meat. And the adobo? Love it too.

Thanks for thinking about including me in your list.

Take care! :)

TeacherJulie said...

BonggaMom, I know you are here in the Philippines as I am posting this comment. Hope you have a fun vacation and a blessed Christmas!

Here is the post:


Anonymous said...

It took me a while to get used to Filipino food, but my mother in law was patient and kept trying.

I now LOVE - suman, bibingka, lumpia (shanghai and fresh), turon, tocina, tapa, machado..

She hasn't made me try balut yet.

Anonymous said...

I love to eat lechon. Especially lechon cebu. Oh my! it is very delicious.