Several weeks ago I put up a Love Thursday post about my grandmother, and in it I mentioned that I was putting together a little slide show for her birthday party. I've been procrastinating on this for months, but I've finally put together a first draft.

Now, blogging buddies, I need some feedback -- what do you think? Too shmaltzy? Too long? Too short? Do you think it will bring out the hankies? Or will everyone notice the profanity in the middle of the uncensored version of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful"? Should I switch to the censored version?

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tintin said...

I'm crying! And even though i was listening for teh cuss word, i was too enraptured by the video to notice it!

I would suggest changing the Happy Birthday lola font that scrolls up the screen towards the end. It looks out of place with the blue background and the speed is too fast. Just a suggestion. maybe a black background with a fade in of Happy Birthday in large font?

Curatrix said...

Very, very nice. I did notice the swear word though, perhaps it would be bes to get the cleaner version. I agree with the comment about the Happy Birthday Lola at the end and her suggestion. I hope there's someone take video of her watching this during the party. That would be a lovely thing to have for the next generations.

erica said...

I got goosebumps!!! It's so nice. But I noticed the swear word. I'd go for the censored version.

Just Jen said...

I think if they are the kind of people who would enjoy the swear word in it, maybe a smile in the middle of the tears, then leave it in. If not, then use the uncensored version. As for the pictures and the video itself, well done!