Giving Thanks

The Pea brought home a little booklet that she had made, of things that she is thankful for. Here is her list:

I am thankful for many things - sand, water and dolphins.

I am thankful for the macaroni and cheese that I eat.
I am thankful for my brown shoes that I wear.
I am thankful for the city that I live in.
I am thankful for the Littlest Pet Shop toy that I play with.
I am thankful for the (American Girl) catalog that I love.
I am thankful for the autumn trees that I see outside.
I am thankful for my teacher and friends.

She inspired me to write my own list:
I'm thankful that I will get to see my grandmother very, very soon.
I'm thankful that my kids are happy and healthy.
I'm thankful that my husband has been virtually pain-free for almost a year.
I'm thankful that my father has been cancer-free for over a year
I'm thankful that my sister will soon be coming to live in the Bay Area.
I'm thankful that my brother has found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.
I'm thankful that my cousin will soon give birth to a beautiful baby girl.
I'm thankful that my friend will soon be traveling to India to bring their beautiful baby girl home to her new family.
I'm thankful that this list could go on and on; that I have so many things to be thankful for.

Life is good, so I give thanks!


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Great lists :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gattina said...

For Friday Feast the Chef is away so I put up a feast on my blog if you want to join.

Heart of Rachel said...

Beautiful list. Thank you for sharing. Hope you had a lovely celebration with the family.