Halloween 2007 By the Numbers

# of family members in costume: 5
# of days it took to decorate the house: 7
# of days it took to dismantle decorations: 2
# of plastic spiders used to decorate the house: 65
# of plastic skulls: 25
# of parties attended: 6
# of times we went trick-or-treating: 3
# of pumpkin patch visits: 1
# of pumpkins carved: 4
# of photos for Halloween 2007: 110
# of candies collected: I stopped counting when I reached 222, or 74 per child (now that's scary!!)

How was your Halloween?

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a winner to me! You are all adorable. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

I think it's great that you are all wearing costumes on Halloween. I'm sure you had a fabulous time.

ShannanB said...

Wow, sounds like your costume should have been that of Superwoman. I am exhausted just reading your post.