My Blog Turns 1

What's a birthday without some ice-cream?

Today is my first Blogaversary! Exactly one year ago today, I wrote my very first post on this blog. Since then....

I've changed the look of my blog 3 times;
My Technorati Rank is 194,358;
My Technorati Authority is 41;
1452 people have viewed my profile;
I write for 2 other blogs;
I've made about $17 since I started accepting BlogHer ads a couple of months ago;
I've received 0 spam comments;
I've had over 12,000 visits (since I started counting, at the beginning of this year);
I've written 280 posts (this is the 281st)......

... and I'm not tired of it yet!


Anonymous said...

Happy Bloggy Day to You! xxoo

deedee said...

Bon Blogaversary!

tintin said...

Happy Blogaversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy blogaversary! I love your blog. Will be coming back for more posts later :)