Carrying our children

I was meandering through the blog world today, and I came across this sad story from Siani's blog. Apparently a little girl who is suffering from leukemia has started a blog, and of all things, is getting death threats on it!

The story does not go into detail about the nature of the threats or the commenter's name or possible motives, but I honestly can't understand it. Could it be automated spam? Does someone have a grudge against their parents? Why would someone do such a thing to a little girl?

As if this little girl and her family don't have enough burdens on their shoulders already. Even without the death threats, having a disease like leukemia is such a huge load for a little girl to carry. I cannot imagine what Sophie's parents must be going through. I'm sure they must want so badly to to take away her worry and pain, to transfer it all into their own bodies if they could.

Our children all begin their lives in the arms of their parents. We carry them everywhere, in every way. As their little bodies grow too big to be carried, we try to carry them in other ways - financially, emotionally. But for parents like Sophies, there are just some things they cannot carry for their children, no matter how much they want to. And my heart aches for them.

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Anonymous said...

Somehow this post is heart breaking. Sometimes parents can't do anything. However much they want to.

Thanks for posting this...

Gattina said...

I went over little Sophie's blog and also read the BBC News. I just can't believe that something like that can happen ! Even a serial killer somewhere has a heart for children ! These people are not humans, not even primates or animals they are just the garbadge of the world ! and I wish them a generalized cancer with all my heart !!