It's raining men!

Want a man? Move to Silicon Valley! Yes, it must be true because Oprah herself has decreed it! The Oprah Winfrey Show and Men's Health magazine have teamed up to come up with a list of top 20 cities for meeting single men over 35 -- and Silicon Valley's two flanking cities, San Francisco and San Jose, have made the top five.

Oprah has confirmed what any female engineering student has known all along. Just as any university's College of Engineering has mostly geeky male students, Silicon Valley, being the heart of the high-tech industry, is filled with geeky male engineers -- as well as some not-so-geeky male engineers. As an added bonus, lots of these men work in places like Google or Cisco and have lots of money. So all you single gals, come on over and take your pick of the litter. I ought to know -- I landed myself the best one, and we just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary yesterday!


Peppermint said...

wow! 7th? congratulations! keep the love alive! =)

Anonymous said...

yes, but here in my town they all have boyfriends!

Love your blog, btw