I swear they don't watch violent TV!!

3Po and CleanBoy are playing with their Bionicle figurines, making them fly in the air, roll on the ground, fight the bad guys, etc.. etc... There is lots of swooping and diving going on, with accompanying zooming and exploding sounds (from the boys), as well as crashing and knocking sounds (toys bashing our poor, abused walls and floor). It's only a matter of time before a new sound joins the din: one of CleanBoy wailing at the top of his lungs. I rush in to find CleanBoy holding the top of his head. It looks like 3Po has bashed CleanBoy on the head with one of the Bionicles.

Me: What happened?

CleanBoy: 3Po hit me on the heaaaaaaaaaad!

3Po: (mutters softly, looking defiant) No I didn't...... (points to the Bionicle).... heeeeee did it!

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Jen B said...

heeee did it!
ROFL....that's hilarious! I have two boys and know how viscious those action figures, bionicles, and lego people can be! It's not the boys of course, they are calm, sweet, never throwing anything...
Yesterday in fact, a transformer came flying down the stairs all by itself and missed me by half an inch. No one was to blame, so I promptly gave the transformer heck for being so wreckless and informed him the next time, he would be grounded! LOL