The War is Over

Aaaand the final score is .... Virus: 4, Churchleys: 1. One by one, we all fell like flies. Only Alfie escaped its worst effects. It has been a tough three days at home, with me barely able to crawl out of bed to take care of the sick kids, reduced to begging CleanBoy for help ("do you think you could go downstairs and grab the box of CornPops for your brother's lunch?") before he succumbed to the fever as well.

Finally, all the kids are well enough to go to school, and I'm well enough to take them. This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without my dear husband Alfie and a few indispensable aids:

Breakfast cereal, bottled water and canned soup -- We have been living on these staples for three days. Nutritional value questionable, but all easy to prepare and easy on the tummy.

Ibuprofen and Cough Syrup. Don't know if they actually work or if we would have gotten better without them. But they certainly seem to help, and that's good enough for me.

TV and Sirius Kids Radio -- For when everyone is too sick to do anything but lie down and stare.

Lego Duplo and stickers -- For when the kids are feeling better but mommy isn't. Kids can play on the floor for hours on end while mommy lies in bed delirious with fever.

Books and Face Paints -- For when mommy is feeling better and the kids are going crazy, these are activities allow mommy to lie down (or at least slouch way, way low) while the kids sit still for loooong periods of time.

Now that you're done reading this, get off my blog. I still have a bad cough and you might catch whatever it is I've got.


Anonymous said...

Glad you arefeeling better!

We have that virus now too!

Up with camille since 3:00 am.. her junky cough! I am so wiped out!


ShannanB said...

I cannot even imagine how you managed to survive trying to get healthy yourself and caring for the kids. Moms have the toughest jobs!!