9/11 through the years

It's 9/11 again.

In 2001, I was scared. How could anyone do such a horrible thing?

In 2002, I was hopeful. Afghanistan invaded; maybe they'll catch those who did it.

In 2003, I was incredulous. Invade Iraq? What does Iraq have to do with Al Quaeda?

In 2004, I was astonished. Bush reelected? Despite the mess in Iraq? Even though we've found out there were no WMD's after all?

In 2005, I was angry. First Madrid, now London has been bombed; the world isn't getting any safer!

In 2006, I was frustrated. Despite opposition to the Iraq war at an all-time high, Bush STILL won't withdraw US troops.

I'ts 2007, and I'm disgusted. Progress in the Iraq situation? Stay the Course? That's debatable in itself, but what progress has been made with preventing terrorism? There's no end in sight.

Through it all, I've been sad. Sad for all the lost lives -- US, Afghani, Iraqi, British, Indonesian, everywhere. Sad for all the families torn apart by this war. Sad for the deteriorating reputation of the US around the world. Please, please, please, let's bring US troops back home. They've suffered enough. Military force cannot address the root causes of terrorism. Let's not use 9/11 as an excuse to destroy even more lives.


dev said...

you know wat.. 2007 .. i wish they did it again.. to bush.
i mean he has done bore harm than good in the name of catching saddam and laden.

Anonymous said...

If you're angry now, wait 'till you see the whole picture. But instead of preaching, let me just point you in the right direction... Go to google and type in "w199i". Or try typing "building 7". It's a starting point =)