Time to put on my Politics Hat

You know the upcoming presidential race is really heating up when a stay-at-home mom who isn't even a US citizen finds herself scheduled to attend two political events in a single weekend. And finds herself quite excited about it.

This Saturday, I'll be meeting Elizabeth Edwards along with other contributing writers from the Silicon Valley Moms Blog. OK, she's not a presidential candidate but she's certainly the most influential spouse of a presidential candidate (or runs a close second to Bill Clinton). The last time I met Elizabeth Edwards, I was tongue-tied; this time I'll be prepared. And by the way, if anyone has any questions they'd like to ask her -- about campaign issues, parenting, her health problems, whatever -- leave a comment here and I will try and ask it for you.

Then on Sunday, Alfie and I will be headed up to Oakland for a Hillary Clinton speaking event. They're billing it as a "block party".... Bring the kiddos! Music! Fun! Entertainment! And for our main attraction.... Hillary Clinton! Given the size of the event, I don't think I'll get the opportunity to ask her anything, but it will be interesting to listen to her speak.

So other than getting her picture taken with two important women, why does this resident alien care? True, I can't vote, but as a tax-paying greencard holder, the outcome of this presidential race affects me as much as anyone else living here. I'm certainly as concerned as the next concerned citizen. One of these days I'll be eligible to apply for citizenship, but until then I intend to stay informed. And maybe try to influence Alfie's vote!


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

How exciting! If only all US citizens eligible to vote could get this excited :(

I've always thought it unfair that that tax-paying greencard holders can't vote, but I suppose it's like that in a lot of countries (Italy is another where you have to be a full-fledged citizen to vote). Mah.

Glad to see you're doing all you can anyway--may you be an inspiration to all those who sit and home, channel flip, complain about what's going on, and then never express their opinions on Election Day.

Candace said...

good for you! I have started a recurring post too called "educating mama".
little bits I gather to strengthen my voice!
I'll be back to gather some info from you as you journey through the presidential race!