That's what little boys are made of

Who says little boys can't play with dolls? 3Po and CleanBoy beg to disagree.


Curatrix said...

Love this! Unfortunately (or is that fortunately), we don't have any dolls here to similarly abuse.


ShannanB said...

OMG. That is hillarious. I have 2 boys but they don't have any dolls, they favor teddy bears. I think if they wanted on though, I would be fine with it.

Jen B said...

LOL, that is so true! I've done home child care for years and I'm always amazed at the difference. When they play house, the girls 'clean the kitchen' stacking and organizing everything, feeding the baby and dressing her. Then the boys sweep in and rob the place. All the 'good' china gets thrown in a backpack and the police are called. Then they put everyone in jail (even the 'mom') and do it all over again. That was a cute video!