Halloween Is Here (almost)!

Thanks to our friendly virus, Halloween has come early to this household. As I mentioned in my previous post, one of our big winner, post-viral, recovery activities was face painting. The kids got all excited when I asked them what they wanted to be for Halloween this year and offered to paint their faces up in practice for the Big Day. Who knows if these are the characters they will actually end up as, but here they are.

First up, CleanBoy. No explanation necessary:

She's in her jammies, not in costume, but from her facepaint you can pretty much get a general idea of what The Pea wants to be:

But I wasn't sure if anyone other than 3Po would recognize the character he requested, so I've provided a little hint:

Who can guess all three?



Not so sure if I'm right but I'll try.
1) Dracula 2) Spider Woman and 3) Ninja Turtle.
Did I guess right?

ShannanB said...

How fun. I love the face painting. What a great post-virus activity.

bonggamom said...

You are such a hip mom/grandmom, Fridays Child! You got all 3 correct!

Heart of Rachel said...

Such great Halloween ideas. Face painting is so cool.