A Message from Elizabeth Edwards

For a thorough recap of the Elizabeth Edwards event I attended yesterday, head on over to the Silicon Valley Moms Blog -- the awesome women of the Silicon Valley Moms blog were able to liveblog the event here and here. I also posted my own thoughts and impressions here and here.

So why clog the blogosphere with yet another post about her? Because she asked me to. The last question that Jill (SV Moms Blog co-founder) asked what sort of message she would like us bloggers to get out and help spread. Here is what she wants to say:

We cannot get the change that we want unless we are willing to work for it. Writing checks is alright and always welcome, but some people write a check and think they've done enough. We need people to really engage. Look for a candidate with a real commitment to change! See how they run their campaigns. Is it truly a different campaign? Now is your chance to affect the choices you will have.

And that's why I've turned the TV on and planted the kids in front of it while I bang away at the computer to write this. Because I like Elizabeth Edwards. And I like what she has to say. She's campaigning for her husband, yes, but she's also campaigning for change, whoever wins.

I said it once and I'll say it again: the woman ought to be running herself. But as she said yesterday, she ran (and won) Junior Class President, and that was enough. Then again, I haven't met her husband. I'd probably be falling all over him, too, and not because of his $400 haircut - he seems as intelligent, passionate and articulate as she is. In EE's words: It's about ideas and vision, not about personality. He's not the flashiest candidate, but he's dedicated to change.

So, in the words of my blogger friends, the MOMocrats, Vote for John Edwards -- or you're grounded!


LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

Ma'am, yes ma'am! :) I've always voted based on what a candidate stands for, rather than what party their are or their looks or money or whatever.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of EE too, for all the reasons you stated. How can you not be?! I too am getting charged up for the 2008 elections - http://www.typepad.com/t/trackback/2572500/21972618
The change is gonna do us good!

Anonymous said...

Me again. I guess the trackback link isn't what I should have put there. Still getting the hang of this stuff! Try this:

Amie Adams said...

I completely agree with you, I do wish she was running. She was incredibly warm and down to earth and yet incredibly inspiring.

deedee said...

I've never heard the word, but yes, I think I am a Momocrat...you won't have to ground me :)