School for the twins, vacation for bonggamom

3Po and Jammy (oops, I ought to be calling him CleanBoy now) started at their new preschool today. Although 3Po was a bit nervous on the way there, once the classroom door opened and they saw what was inside, they took off like a shot and didn't look back. They even left their blankets behind in the van because they said they didn't want the other kids to see them.

Yup, they were definitely ready -- and so was I. Even though this new preschool is a coop (with all the workdays and fundraising that entails), the afternoon program is not required to assist in the classroom, so I'll have some free time to myself -- five hours per week! There's already a backlog of things that I ought to be doing during that time -- laundry, errands, paperwork. But today I just walked around the Stanford Shopping Center, reveling in my newfound freedom.


maiylah said...

freedom ... felt the same thing when my son started preschool, too! :)
wonderful to have time finally to myself ... though i did miss him while i was alone in the house. lol

Anonymous said...

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