Am I finally an early adopter?

One of the fun things about review blogging is the chance to try out some of the hottest new products before most people do (sometimes even before they hit the shelf). One such opportunity was the Zhu Zhu Pet Party we hosted last September; it was a huge success, and in fact Zhu Zhu Pets went on to become the hottest toy for 2009. A couple of months ago, MomSelect contacted me again and invited me to host another Zhu Zhu Pet party, and my kids and their friends all love them. I'm the person who's known for saying DVD's and scooters wouldn't catch on, so it's nice to finally be right in predicting a trend for once.

Click here to read all about the Kung Zhu Pet party we hosted!

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Armando Codina said...

I found your site from google, and i Love these kids, thanx for the picture, must read your other post.