Aloha Friday - Summer Slide

About Aloha Friday: Aloha Friday is a fun, simple meme from Kailani at An Island Life. Every Friday she asks a simple question on her blog, invites participants to answer her question in the comments section, then invites participants to ask a question of their own on their own blogs. Every day feels like a summer Friday over in Hawaii, so I'm making Aloha Friday one of my summer blogging goals -- to join the meme every Friday until school starts!

I can't believe we have less than a month to go before school starts up again! Every time I see a Back to School deal on the web or a Back to School product roundup on a blog I start to panic and think, I'm not ready yet. And I'm guessing, neither are the kids. School is the last thing they want to think of, so I'm wondering ......

Today's Aloha Friday Question: Should kids be keeping up with lessons over the summer?

I do agree that young brains get burned out if they're constantly being fed academic facts -- but on the other hand, 12 weeks is a long time, and just because they're not at school doesn't mean they should stop learning! Learning should be fun, whether you're learning during the summer or during the schoolyear! The challenge is to keep their minds sharp while keeping it light and fun. I've been making sure 3Po and Jammy keep practicing their reading (The Pea is a voracious reader anyway) and we've joined our library's summer reading program, and we have some summer workbooks that they're completing to get a prize from me, but that's about it.

Are you doing anything with your kids to prevent that Summer Slide?

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