Aloha Friday -- The Comics of my Childhood

About Aloha Friday: Aloha Friday is a fun, simple meme from Kailani at An Island Life. Every Friday she asks a simple question on her blog, invites participants to answer her question in the comments section, then invites participants to ask a question of their own on their own blogs. Every day feels like a summer Friday over in Hawaii, so I'm making Aloha Friday one of my summer blogging goals -- to join the meme every Friday until school starts!

Today's Aloha Friday Question: Who is (are) your favorite comic book character(s)?

Comic books were difficult (and expensive) to find in the Philippines during the 70's, so my siblings and I never really got into comic books, but we borrowed some from friends and got some as presents and checked some out at the library, so we got a pretty good dose of comic book fun. Here are my favorites:

1) Tintin -- without a doubt, Tintin was my favorite. This was the only series that my sister and I obsessively sought every episode out. Fortunately, there aren't that many and over half were available at the library of the country club that my grandmother was a member of. I found all the Tintin comics at my kids' school library recently and I checked them all out, on the pretense that I wanted to introduce Tintin to my kids. They weren't interested, but I had a great time reading them all!

2) Archie and friends -- actually, now that I come to think about it, Archie might be my favorite. We actually saved up our allowances so we could buy these comics, and we put them on our Christmas and birthday lists. Archie comics were easier to find, so we also had a lot of friends who owned Archie comics and were able to borrow from each other. Archie and his gang just seemed like the perfect All-American kids and everyone wanted to be like them.

3) Asterix -- my sister and I discovered Asterix when we were in high school or so; one of our cousins received quite a few as a present, so we were able to borrow them and laugh over the antics of Asterix, Obelix and the gang. I think you have to be a bit older to really appreciate all the puns and the humor, but even young kids love it!

4) Spiderman -- kind of a weird choice for one of my favorites, but we really got into Spidey after one of my brothers received a bound set of Spiderman comics as a present. We were able to read about Spidey's story from the beginning, so I guess we just kept going.

Which comics would you walk a mile in a storm for?

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Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

When we were overseas my sister and I were introduced to Iintin and Asterix. I love them to this day! My dad buys Asterix comics for me when he's overseas. I even found some Asterix videos along with a few Tintin videos on eBay.