Just Hanging Around

I love these lazy summer days! They're so relaxed and low key, and the kids are always playing outdoors. They love clambering up tree trunks, swinging from branches and launching themselves from any sort of height. These are the same sorts of shenanigans that landed Jammy with two broken bones in February, but that memory is long gone, and his fear has healed along with the bones.

Actually, my kids will climb anything, given half a chance.

My little monkeys just love hanging out in the summer!

This photo was inspired by the Photo Hunt theme of the week. Feel free to leave links to your own Photo Hunt entries below. And for more hangings, click here.


Anonymous said...

its nice to see kids being kids and hanging on tree branches.

Pamela said...

It was really cute. I like watching the photos. The kids were so happy hanging on the tree. I wanna go back to my young age.

Asianmommy said...

How fun! I love the lazy days of summer.