Yet another Disney post

I know I've been posting a lot about Disneyland these days, but I'm still on cloud nine after the wonderful Disney trip and fun Disney mom blogging event we attended the previous weekend. Mom bloggers and their families were treated to a special night at Disney's Grand (and boy, it really is grand) California hotel with lots of food, festivities and fun.

While Alfie and the kids scarfed down pasta, roast beef and Caesar salad, I sat with other mom bloggers for a presentation featuring the special holiday celebrations going on in the park, as well as Disney's Photo Pass service.

Even without all that food, the kids had plenty to do while we sat listening to the Disney reps: paper crafts, cookie decorating, tattoo artists, meet-and-greet with Disney characters, and video games (note to Disney's party planners: not that I'm complaining or anything, but you might want to add more video games -- or station a Disney castmember to police the video controls so that the bigger boys don't hog the game). In addition, we were given vouchers for holiday cookie decorating at Santa's Reindeer Roundup over at the Big Thunder Ranch (when my ungrateful son mentioned that all parties come with goody bags at the end and asked where his goody bag was, we showed him the voucher and told him it was his goody bag claim ticket. So everyone left happy).

To top the evening off, we were ushered into Disneyland and led to a specially roped-off area to watch the evening fireworks display. And received special Fastpasses to It's a Small World. Disney doesn't even do Fastpasses to It's a Small World! Talk about VIP treatment.

Boy, Disney really does go all out for mom bloggers!

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