A Letter to Santa

Dear Santa

How's it going? Listen, I know you're busy and all tonight, so I won't take up much of your time. I stumbled upon a letter for you, written by my daughter and left under the Christmas tree. Now, I know you're a right techie old elf, and you know that snail mail is sooo last century. This proud mama thinks her daughter's letter is the best thing since Clement C. Moore's The Night Before Christmas, and I figured you'd find it faster if I posted it on the internet. So here it is (transcribed verbatim by me).


PS: Target is probably still open in Hawaii; it's not too late to get me that yellow KitchenAid mixer.

Dear Santa Claus,

I know it is unbeleveible but I only want one thig for Christmas! That thing is a ipod, but my Mommy and Daddy it is not fair for my brothers. I think you might be a little surprised, because most kids have a Christmas list this

(arrow points to drawing of a long list) <------------------------- long (ex: my brothers).

(Well okey maybe not that long. anyways, KIND OF want Coconut. but I only want Coconut if Tita Risa dosn't give me Coconut. buuuuuuut I do not want you to open the present from tita Risa it's just that I herd in a book that you are magic *

Oh and when you deliver presents to Saint Mary's lane in Redwood City make sure you look at the lights and decorashons.

I really hope you read that part

Oh and I just wantid to ask a few q's

What's your favrite coler?
How old are you?
When is your birthday?
Do you know who my cousins are? There names are Katya, Nicolas and Isabell.
Are you bald?

OK that's all I have tell you!

The Pea (her real name, proudly and painstakingly signed in cursive)

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