Christmas greetings

Hello everyone!

2008 was our family's Year of the Suitcase. We started off by partying in Las Vegas for Alfie's 50th birthday. We communed with nature during a springtime visit to Yosemite Park and camped overnight for the first time at Palo Alto's Foothills Park. In the summer we travelled to England to spend time with Alfie's parents and Bonggamom's brother, and took a little side trip to Dublin, Ireland. In early December, Bonggamom's dream was finally realized as we took our first-ever family trip to Disneyland.

Bonggamom continues to immerse herself in the blogging world. In March she started Bonggamom Finds, a review blog focused on children's toys and books. In October, she joined the editorial team at The Savvy Source, a nationwide online preschool resource. Writing for five blogs means she's glued to the computer more than ever, but the kids put up with it because it means they get to test the cool toys that companies send her.

After the big shebang in Vegas, Alfie continued celebrating his first half-century throughout the year with even more firsts: first time to see the England soccer team play, first visit to London's famous Wembley stadium and first tour of the Chelsea stadium grounds. He’s establishing his own online presence with the publication of several articles in well-known technical journals.

The Pea has plunged headfirst into the second grade, with all the homework and test preparation that entails. Her dance card is definitely full this year as she has taken on both jazz and ballet in addition to her skating. We all cheered her on as she made her debut performance as an angel in The Nutcracker.

In his final year of preschool, Jammy has begun cutting the umbilical cord in earnest, entering the classroom with nary a backward glance and eagerly going on drop-off play dates. He has become quite the little chef, always the first (and usually the only one) to assist his mama in the kitchen.

3Po remains his sweet self, never letting his mama leave his sight without first bestowing a hug and a kiss. (Unfortunately for Alfie, his preferred method of showing affection toward his daddy is slightly different, usually taking the form of a well-placed karate kick). Both boys’ interest in books and reading has blossomed, and we never tire of seeing them snuggled up with a book, silently sounding the words out.

We look forward to hearing all your 2008 stories and wish you well in 2009. Merry Christmas!

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