For the love of Play-Doh!

I'm kinda bummed that my Play-Doh Magic Swirl playset giveaway over on Bonggamom Finds isn't getting much love. Don't anyone like Play-Doh no more? Hey, I can't stand the stuff myself -- it's so messy and difficult to clean up -- but my kids adore it, and it's so great for the imagination, fine motor skills, blahblahblah. Long story short, we've 2 huge bins of Play-Doh at home (I'm just the mom around here).

The giveaway ends December 12, so you can still head over to the giveaway post and join (all you need to do is comment, and you don't even need to tell me your most embarrassing story or anything). Even if all you like about PlayDoh is the taste (hey, my sister once stored some pretend PlayDoh balls in the fridge once and my dad ate them, thinking they were sampaloc, a Filipino salty-sweet tamarind delicacy), go and join!

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