Was Hugh Hefner like this at 5?

We were reading stories from greek mythology the other day, and the boys were mystified by the behavior of Hera, wife of Zeus and goddess of marriage:

3Po: I don't get it, mama, why was Hera so angry with all those women? Why did she want to punish them?

Me: She was angry at them because she caught them kissing her husband, Zeus. She didn't like him cheating on her, and she took out her anger on the women.

3Po: What's cheating?

Me: [3-second pause] It's when married men kiss other women who aren't their wives. Hera was married to Zeus, and Zeus liked to kiss other women.

3Po: So what? Why can't he kiss other women?

Me: [3-second pause, while chewing on lower lip and trying not to smile] Well, honey, wives don't like it when their husbands kiss other women. When you marry someone, you're making a promise not to kiss anyone else.

Jammy: Well, then, when I get married, I'm going to marry the beautifullest girl in the world.

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