The three little vultures

Funny conversation of the day: On the way to my sister's house, The Pea asked me what happens to people's things when they die. So I began telling them all about wills and inheritance and disinheritance. To my amusement they proceeded to pick over their parents' material possessions like they were heirs to a fortune:

Pea: Mama, when you die I want you to leave me the house. I like our house. It's really nice.
3Po: No, I want the house.
Pea: I said it first.
3Po: Well, I want the car.
Jammy: No, I want the car!
3Po: Well, Jammy, you could turn out to be the baddest person that ever lived, and Mama won't want to give you anything.

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Gattina said...

I think you should better die only when the car and house question is settled, hahahaha !