Jimmy & Matt -- the funniest feud ever

I've heard lots about the Sarah Silverman/Matt Damon YouTube video and the corresponding Jimmy Kimmel/Ben Affleck video, but I'm ashamed to say I never actually watched the videos, nor realized there was a backstory to the whole thing.

Well, now I have, and I think this is absolutely the most hilarious long-running gag on television today! I've always been a fan of Jimmy Kimmel from his Man Show days, and I also adore Matt Damon. I think he's a great actor and a handsome devil (Alfie thinks he's the most handsome star on the planet, next to Brad Pitt). This is just further proof that he deserves our adoration.

Apparently Jimmy Kimmel regularly closes his show out saying "Our apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time" (spoofing talk-show hosts who need to cut off their last guests due to time constraints). In September 2006, Matt Damon finally got to appear on the show -- sort of:

(I told you he's a good actor). The Gag continues with Kimmel using one of his sidekicks, Guillermo, to hijack Damon's Bourne Ultimatum trailer:

Even Guillermo didn't have time for poor Matt:

But Damon got some of his own back in January 08 when he appeared with Sarah Silverman in the smash YouTube hit:

Kimmel responded in February with an equally hilarious video of his own, featuring his boyfriend, Ben Affleck, and a bunch of celebrities:

Damon, when asked about the video, remained true to character:

These people are brilliant. My sides are aching from laughing so hard (wait, maybe it's because I did lots of situps at Bootcamp this morning -- but trust me, I really was laughing). I can't wait for the next run-in!


WkSocMom said...

Thank you so much for posting those, had never seen those first three, hilarious. Last one didn't work for some reason.

And congrats on bootcamp!

bleeding espresso said...

I'm with you; this is definitely one of the most hilarious on-going gags. It's somewhat comforting to know that these people just like to goof around and be silly too...and tape it so we can join in the fun :)