Bootcamp, Day 7 -- Be careful what you wish for

After 7 days of bootcamp, I finally have my first complaint. After Day 2, every. muscle. in. my. body. was. aching. A week later, things are better. The hurting has subsided -- except in my thighs. And this is my complaint -- Why So Many Squats??? Today was supposed to be a "weight training day" but my thighs and heart got a much better workout than my upper body. Every other exercise seems to be some variation of squatting or jumping. Enough with the cardio already! I want toned arms, baby, so let's cut down on the squats and rev up the pushups!

When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers -- Oscar Wilde

Yes, Oscar old chap, I'm tempting fate and asking the bootcamp gods to give us more upper body exercises.

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Missy said...

A whole week gone! Great work!