Bootcamp, Day 8 & 9 -- Ok, I've skipped a day

No, I didn't miss yesterday's workout, I just missed blogging about it. I think workout fatigue may be setting in. I don't mean that I'm getting bored with the workouts; on the contrary, each day's workout has been different so far. And although I do feel like there's just no way I can go on, after the workout I feel really energized. Today I was actually amazed when the workout ended -- what, already?

No, the fatigue is coming from the routine of working out every. single. day. No rest day. No chance to recover or sleep late (this 10PM bedtime is KILLING me). Waking up in the morning and knowing there's no chance of lying in, even just a little bit. I know there are people who get up every day at 5:30AM to go to work, but that Just. Aint. Me.

Don't worry, I'll be at the track bright and early tomorrow anyway.

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