Getting a Kick out of this Party

What a great way to close out the schoolyear -- being treated to a Kung Fu Panda Party courtesy of the Silicon Valley Moms Blog, Dreamworks and HP. Thanks to all the fun activities, we all found something to enjoy.

The Pea loved all the Kung Fu Panda craft stations, as well as a table where she learned (in just a few minutes!) how to pick up gummy bears, froot loops and goldfish crackers with chopsticks. She was too shy to join the Kung Fu Panda dancers, but she was happy to sit and watch as they danced to the tune of Kung Fu Fighting, again and again and again and again and again (thank God this happened in a side room and the music was not blaring over the main speaker). She also enjoyed posing for a photo with her little stuffed panda and Po the Kung Fu Panda.


Did 3Po and Jammy like it? Two words: video game. The first thing that caught their eye (or anyone else's, for that matter) were two giant tv screens with a Kung Fu Panda videogame playing on each. Once their turn came, 3Po and Jammy were enthralled. Since they've never seen, much less played a proper video game before, they couldn't really make the onscreen panda do more than jump up in the air and flail its arms and legs about. It took a couple of exasperated eight-year-olds to teach them the basics of video game controls. Once they figured it out, I had to forcibly drag them from the video area to check out the other crafts, eat, or pose for photos with Po.

As for me, despite stressing out over the number of videogames my sons played and the number of times Kung Fu Fighting played (I can't get the darn song out of my head now), I enjoyed the yummy food, the generous and friendly party people (who really panda-ed to our every need... get the pun, I mean pun-da?) and the company of my fellow mom bloggers.

Best of all (for a freebie-lover like me) were the treats they saved till the end. We were given a bag generously stuffed with goodies such as fortune cookies, tags, pens, Snapfish giftcards, Kung Fu Panda craft cd's, the movie soundtrack, and the videogame (I've hidden it from the boys).

Food, games, freebies... what's not to love? Thanks, SV Moms, HP and Dreamworks -- we really got a kick out of the whole thing.

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mod*mom said...

great post bonggamom!
it was fun to meet you there.