Bootcamp Day 1 -- What have I done?

I've been suffering from gym fatigue for a couple of months now, so our upcoming trip to the UK gave me the perfect excuse to quit for the summer (why pay membership fees when I'm not even going to be in the country, and besides, summer is a wonderful time to exercise outdoors!).

The next question, of course, was how to keep my metabolism going throughout the summer? I figured that running around the neighborhood and rotating through my collection of workout DVDs wouldn't be enough to motivate me throughout the time that we're here. The solution: Community BootCamp at the Stanford Track. Every weekday for a month. At 6AM.

I've been working out regularly since my twenties, but I've never worked out every day before (heck, I've never woken up at 5:30 regularly before). So, for the month of June I'll be posting a day-to-day account of my Bootcamp experiences and reflections. Today was my first day. I won't describe it in full today so that I don't bore you all at once; let me just say that my ass and calves are already aching. At the beginning of the class the instructor informed the newcomers that everyone who attended every single class would receive a tshirt. My competitive spirit kicked in and I thought, of course I'm coming every day. I want that shirt. Halfway through the class I wasn't so sure.

Stay tuned as I drag my booty through bootcamp and see if I get the shirt!


Anonymous said...

omg. i did the sf bootcamp over here in oakland. *singsong* ass-kicking *singsong*

hard. really hard. like there is no way I ever push myself to do such a hard workout. it was good though!

Missy said...


In a good way, of course.