Bootcamp, Day 3 - Thank God, a Rest Day

Well, not exactly a rest day -- just a Weight Training Day. I was planning to slow down to a walk when they made us do laps around the track but they must have realized that my legs and heart needed a rest today. It was still tiring -- lots of core exercises interspaced with those God-awful burpees, but at least the upper-body workout wasn't bad. And I got to lie down and stare at the beautiful blue sky -- it sure beats the ceiling of a gym.

I don't know how these people do it. A good majority of the class (about 25-30 people) seem to be in the 40-55 year range; I hear quite a lot of them talking about their kids in high school or college. I'm there huffing and puffing and sweating and swearing, and there they are chatting about what they did over the weekend.

I hope they're regulars. Or cheating. So I don't look so bad.


Third Mom said...

This is inspiring, I think the higher powers have conspired to bring me to your blog today to get me off my great big duff and get moving!

bonggamom said...

Thirdmom, let me know if you do start moving, and we can inspire each other!