Tweet that Earthquake, baby!

A 4.4 magnitude earthquake hit San Jose just ten minutes ago. I was editing some photos when I felt the trembling. It didn't feel like much in Palo Alto; just as I realized what it was, it was over (3Po and Jammy didn't even notice it; they insisted the shaking was because they were jumping around ,playing one of their Webkinz ninja fighting games). Over where Alfie works, it felt a lot stronger; Alfie told me his building was swaying!)

So, all in all not a real huge biggie, especially in California -- but my reaction was striking. The first thing I did to confirm my suspicions was search twitter for the keyword earthquake. And sure enough, everyone was tweeting about it. There were about 5000 tweets in the first 20 seconds of the earthquake alone! And there have been thousands more since I started this post. Now you know where to get all the breaking news....

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MommyTwinGirls said...

hahaha...I never felt it in Los Gatos but I, like you, check Twitter to get the latest news. ;-)