The Tooth that Fell Out Too Soon

Jammy has lost his first tooth. He's loving his new look, and the extra cash that came with it. I still can't quite believe it. He's barely five years old, it's much Too Soon.

It first started wiggling on Christmas Day; when I saw it moving and saw blood, I thought he had knocked another tooth loose, and scared poor Jammy with my panic attack. Even when the blood stopped and everything seemed fine, I thought, Too Soon!

For the next several months we coddled that tooth, taught him to bite food off to one side, cut all his apples up. That tooth hung on tenaciously. January turned into February and into March. We couldn't believe the tooth still hadn't fallen, but it certainly strengthened my opinion that the tooth had gotten loose much Too Soon.

In the end, Jammy woke us up last Sunday, on Alfie's birthday, with the news that his tooth had fallen out because he had yanked it off himself. Whaaat! You're not supposed to do that! You've made it fall out Too Soon!

Obviously, the problem is not the tooth nor the timing, it's me. He's just a little boy, my baby, he can't be having loose teeth because that would mean he's not my baby anymore. Sweet Jammy with the gap in your smile, I love you. I love the baby you used to be, the boy you are, and the man you'll become. I just wish I could keep the baby just a wee bit longer. You're growing up, and that's what's really happening Too Soon.

I know, it's not your typical Love Thursday photo or post, but in my mind, this is as much a love story as any out there. For more love stories, go and visit Love Thursday.


ELK said...

love through it all....great post! HLT!

Cam said...

I love those toothless smiles!!

Happy Love Thursday!

SE'LAH... said...

Hope the tooth fairy brings something lovely...Happy Love Thursday!

Anonymous said...

My daughter just lost her 1st tooth, too. The hardest part was that when I was trying to steal her tooth from under her pillow, but she kept waking up!

Kim Moldofsky said...

What a sweet smile! Wait until they lose the top front new and replaced by giant adult teeth, it completely changes their look.

It's bittersweet to watch them grow and change; isn't it?

jamaise said...

We just discovered a loose tooth on my six in April son. He's sooo excited - I watched the wheels turing in his head & I saw the exact moment he realized he will be joining the tooth fairy club!

Same tooth as your son just lost1