Monday Mornings: Weekend Hangover

It's always difficult to go back to Life As Usual after a weekend away. Especially when you got to see your son snowboard for the first time. 3Po and Jammy fell in love with snowboarding, and The Pea was all set to take the chairlift and ski down the beginner slopes. Seeing them enjoy themselves was the highlight of my weekend, and I wish we could have stayed longer so they could keep going! I don't snowboard and I've only been skiing 5 or 6 times in my life (and the last time was over 10 years ago), so I think I'm living vicariously through my kids. I'd love for them to do stuff that I was never able to do. Then again, now that the kids seem to enjoy snow sports, maybe it's not too late for an old dog to learn new tricks?

How is your morning going? If you leave a link to your Monday Morning post in the comments section, I'll go visit and leave a comment.

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deedee said...

Sorry this is Tuesday already, but we have a time zone problem :)
That's so husband wants our girls to switch from skiing to snowboarding. I didn't know that the kids could start so young. I can barely ski, so I'll just stick with that.
I've been working on that never ending to-do list today, better get back at it.