In which I freak out about Natasha Richardson's death and kill my kids' ski dreams

Look ma, no helmet!

Everyone's talking about Natasha Richardson's death. What a tragic accident! When you think of skiing accidents, you think of black diamond skiers who run into trees, or fall off cliffs. Who would have thought that a beginner taking a lesson on a beginner's slope could fall hard enough to sustain a fatal injury? Wham! You fall, and Wham! You're dead. Poor Liam Neeson. I feel so awful for him and all her family.

Freaky, that's what it is. And for someone like me, it's especially freaky. And by someone like me, I mean someone who's always wanted to take up skiing but has always been a bit nervous, and someone whose kids enjoyed it on their first try and really really want to do more of it.

Read more of my fears about taking up snow sports here, on my Silicon Valley Moms Blog post -- and please, share your advice!!


Lisa M. Orange said...

Hi, Bonggamom - saw your post on SV Moms. Don't let your fears keep your kids from learning new skills, building their confidence and possibly discovering a sport they'll enjoy for life. I ski a little, not well, and I was also afraid to ski with my sons or take them on lifts. It's frightening to feel that you're in a position where you can't protect your kids. My boys are 11 & 8 and have been to several ski schools. Their instructors have all been enthusiastic young people who love what they're doing. Take lessons yourself, to reduce your fear. The boys can ski circles around me, but they see me taking classes and trying to do better, and I hope I'm setting a good example for them.

Kim Moldofsky said...

I shared the same reaction- she was on a BEGINNER slope?!

I'm not a fan of skiing, mostly because I fear getting mowed down from behind. DH has been talking about taking the boys, but we've let another winter pass us by. I'm still up for them trying, but I will make sure my guys wear helmets!