Don't you wish kids still dressed like this?

Today I thought I'd feature a photo from Alfie's childhood. Don't you just love the retro tricycle that he's riding on, and the cars in the background? And doesn't his outfit (coat, hat and boots) look smart? You don't see many kids wearing berets these days. Apparently Alfie loved that beret and refused to take it off, even at night.

We were watching the Angelina Jolie movie, Changeling, the other day, and Alfie commented on how cute the little boys looked, going to school in their berets and ties. I do wish kids were as smartly dressed now as they were back then? (BTW Changeling is set in the 1920's so I'm not implying that Alfie's photo above is also from that era!).

I used to dress The Pea in embroidered, smocked dresses every time she would go to birthday parties until I realized that everyone else was in regular play clothes, and she was better dressed than the birthday child. But in a time when those kinds of dresses go for $40 or more (we get ours from the Philippines, where they're much much cheaper) I don't blame anyone for choosing the $10 knit cotton dress from Walmart. But I do mourn the loss of well-tailored children's clothing.

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SE'LAH... said...

Love this vintage captures more than the kids but a time. Happy Love Thursday !!!

A Psych Mommy said...

That is a cool bike! I love all things vintage :)

Shangrila said...

What a great photo! I used to make my girl's dresses because I couldn't find anything in stores that I liked and she could tolerate (she has super-sensitive skin and eczema). I was so, so bummed when she decided that dresses were no longer something she'd wear happily. Happy Love Thursday!

A Psych Mommy said...

Just wanted to let you now that I'm glad I'm getting to know you and your blog from the Launchpad! I already love your blog, so I nominated you for an award--you can check it out on my blog when you get the chance!

organic sugar scrub said...

I agree! I always dressed the girls in their Sunday best whenever we went somewhere knowing that once they became independent they wouldn't want that anymore. Dress her to the hill while you can!!!

Rachel Ferrucci

Joyce said...

I love those looks to, I see a private school near me that has similar unform, to bad I don't have 8,000 a year for elementary school and my kids could dress like that everyday!