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When it comes to technology and the internet, I'm kind of like the tortoise; I'm slow, but I eventually get there. Take social networking trends like Twitter, for instance. I started using Twitter a couple of months ago, and I've only just figured out what hashtags (#) are for and what a Twitter party is.

So what is a Twitter party? Don't quote me, but if you put a gun to my head I'd describe it as people on Twitter all chiming in on a certain topic and using hashtagged words so they can keep track of who's joining the discussion. It can be a lot of fun, as I found out at the #todaysmoms Twitter party, which was set up by the producers of The Today Show to celebrate the release of their new book, "Today's Moms". They invited parents from all over Twittersville to share their favorite parenting tips and raffled off a copy of their book as an incentive, so I tweeted out one little piece of advice -- and went on to join the party for several hours. I never realized how much fun it can be to tell other parents what to do! Here are some that I came up with:

1) Play board games with your child -- but don't let him win every single time.

2) To track time spent on computer / tv / video games, use an egg timer with a very loud ring.

3) It's ok to let your son play with dolls... really!

4) The 2 cleaning items moms cannot live without: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser & baby wipes.

5) I always have several pens and a pad of paper in my purse -- that way, when we have to wait in line, my sons are never bored.

6) When using public toilets, I ask my kids to stand w/ hands behind their backs so they don't touch any germy surfaces

7) Too many young kids, not enough space in the toilet stall? Have oldest kid stand outside your stall & sing out loud while u go.

8) More "kids and public toilets" tips... I always carry disinfectant gel in my purse!

9) It's ok to miss a day or 2 or 3 of school for a family reunion or trip. There's other kinds of learning than book learning.

10) Never offer parenting tips for parents with children older than yours - wait till you walk in their shoes.

Think that was great? Of course you do, but check out some of the other things the #todaysmom Twitter partygoers had to say. Some were so good that I just had to blog about it here, so everyone who's not on Twitter and read and say, "Ooooh.... good one!". Here is a small sample of what I read at the #todaysmom Twitter party:

1) From tadahmom: My 16 yo son's parenting tip: Don't be over controlling - we need to make our own mistakes.

2) From tadahmom: When the children are getting louder - start whispering to them.

3) From StyleAve: Let your children dress you on Saturdays. Wear their macaroni necklaces out w/ pride!

4) From technomomdesign: read poetry to kids, even dr sues! little ones love the reppetition and rhyme.

5) From StyleAve: Women! Take your flab and dance around the house telling your daughters u love ur body!

6) From toohottotbling: Make sure you show your child you really love them even when they do something terrible.

7) From multitaskingme: Be willing to apologize to your kids when you've messed parent is perfect.

8) From StyleAve: Even if you are not religious, teach your kids about the spiritual side of life (love, karma, etc.) so they are not so afraid.

9) TheMomCave: Hug!! Hug a LOT. Hug when they are sad, Hug when they are awesome. Hug when they are bad, Hug just because!!!

10) From typeamom: parenting tip? Say I love you to your kids every single night, no matter what. And other times of day, too

What a great goody bag to be taking home from a party, huh? Such wonderful pearls of parenting wisdom!

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Shangrila said...

Oh! I am sooo challenged when it comes to Twitter! I set up an account last week, and am still trying to figure it out! How to blog and tweet (and live!) all at once? Ack.