Which costumes go well with eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses suck during Halloween. They just don't go with any of the costumes I want to wear. Pirate with glasses? Witch? Princess? Eh. Neh. And nah. As far as I can tell, the only costumes that look good with glasses are:

Slutty lawyer
Slutty student
Slutty teacher
Slutty librarian

You get the picture. I don't really want to be any of those (there are a lot more interesting slutty costumes to be found), so this year I decided to give my glasses a little costume of their own. I bought a plain eyemask, hot-glued some fake autumn leaves and beads and twigs, and ta-daaa! Here is Jammy modeling my autumn foliage mask. I'm still sprucing up the rest of the costume, so I'll show it off when I'm done.

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MJ Tam said...

How about Sarah Palin? No? LOL

Hoorah for hot glue! That is some mighty looking halloween glasses. I would've never thought of anything like it. :-)

JoJo said...

So funny and so true. I saw a lot of Sarah Palin's last year. Haha.

I actually just read a great article on how to use your glasses to your advantage, which I loved. I blogged about it and referenced it:


May female glasses wearers everywhere be saved from "inevitable" slutty costumes.