For the love of football

The English are mad about football, simply mad about it. Rugby and cricket are blips on the radar screen compared to their football obsession. If 3Po and Jammy were living in England now, they'd probably be playing football every day because that's what all the little boys do when they go out to play.

We don't push football on them, but with all the matches they see on tv, they must think football is literally the only sport around. That will change once they enter kindergarten and grade school, but for now, all they know is football. I'm happy that they genuinely seem to like the Beautiful Game, and I hope they continue to play it.

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Gattina said...

I don't like football and the hysterical people around it. But when I see the American elections I think of the european football games, lol !

MJ Tam said...

My boys (and I imagine my daughter one day) are crazy about this sport. I love seeing them in their uniforms running around the field having some real good fun.