Salmon, the fountain of youth

Last week we settled down to a yummy supper of teriyaki salmon, broccoli and rice......

Jammy: Is salmon healthy for you?

Me: Oh yes! It's full of good fats that builds up your brain.

Alfie: It builds strong muscles.

Me: It's a superfood that keeps your skin smooth and young-looking!

Pea: So if I'm seven years old, I'll look like I'm six? I don't want to look young!

Me (with a sly look at Alfie): When you're my age, you'll want to look young. If I keep eating salmon, when I'm your daddy's age, I'll still look like I'm my age now!

Pea (looking hard at Alfie): Wow, daddy, it's too bad you didn't eat any salmon when you were younger.

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