Slutty mamas take over kids party (yup, it's Halloween)

We hosted a little family Halloween get-together this weekend. The kids had loads of fun decorating cookies, eating Halloween-themed treats and traipsing around the backyard hunting for Halloween treats to put in their goody bags.

Naturally, we took about a gazillion photos. The first thing that Alfie noticed when we got them up on the computer was, "There are way more photos of adults than kids". This has got to be the only kids' party where parents take more photos of ourselves than of our cute/talented/amusing/all-of-the-above offspring.

See, this is why I love Halloween. Kids can play dress-up any old time of the year, but we grown-ups need a good excuse. There's something about putting on a costume that releases all of one's inhibitions; since it's not you, you can behave as outrageously as you want. No wonder most of the female Halloween costumes on the market are slutty this and slutty that.

We certainly released our inner children that day. My sister and her husband brought wigs as part of their costumes. We spent a good thirty minutes photographing ourselves in every possible permutation and combination of wigs and individuals and groups.

Did I forget to mention that the grown-ups had a good time at the party too?


Anonymous said...

Adults should have their share of fun too :) Your photos look fun!

Heart of Rachel said...

Wow, looks like a fun-filled Halloween party. Glad everyone had a great time. I love the cool costumes.