Love Thursday

When I was growing up, I saw my cousins every weekend. For almost 2 decades we played and fought and laughed and talked. I'm so glad that The Pea is getting a chance to bond with her own cousins -- my sister's children, who moved to a city just an hour's drive away. So far, we've been getting together about once a month, and it has been such a joy to see them playing together, just like I did with my sister and cousins so long ago.

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Shalet said...

I wish my kids had cousins who lived closer! Great photo! Happy LT!

deedee said...

I never got to know my cousins. But my girls get to see their french cousins about once a month and they have a great bond. That makes me so happy :)

thekreativelife said...

This is such a sweet photo! It's wonderful that you all can get together like this, and the kids can bond with their cousins.