The bits and bytes of life

Many households revolve around their kitchen. I think the computer nook is becoming the center of ours. It’s my favorite spot in the house, right at the top of the stairs, bright and sunny, with a view of the flowers in our yard. The kids have a playroom full of toys, yet somehow they always find their way to the computer nook. Alfie and I spend many a weekend afternoon surfing the internet, the kids drawing or playing on the floor beside us. We take turns logging on, egg timers set to 30 minutes (for the kids, at least) so there’s no cheating. We type and talk and laugh and live there. The kids fall asleep to the tapping of the keys and wake to the sound of our noisy old desktop being booted up. If cotton is the fabric of our lives, the computer is the engine of ours.

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deedee said...

I love your computer nook.
We may have to try the egg timer idea :)